Baseform makes forward-thinking software for networked water infrastructures, offering best-in-class SaaS analytics and planning solutions. Our software enables cities to extract the best value, service and efficiency from their infrastructure, operations and investments.


The Baseform system currently includes solutions for water losses, demand and energy management, short- and long-term infrastructure planning, system and asset reliability, data quality, hydraulics and water quality, operations and monitoring.

Our modular, building-block software design breaks away from the constraints of traditional solutions and legacy software, by mixing and matching the exact capabilities needed for each water engineering or management process.

More importantly, it creates great new capabilities through joining together what has conventionally been available only in segregated software worlds, such as GIS, SCADA, financial analysis, maintenance software or hydraulics applications.

Baseform's open, forward-looking technology platform has its roots in the 2011 seminal design of the software infrastructure for the Aware-P project´s software products. A fruitful partnership with a hub of outstanding engineering R&D bodies and forward-thinking water utilities has led to the rethinking, simplification and redesign of many engineering & management processes in modern water utilities.

Baseform has since garnered large numbers of users in all continents and has been applied by over 70 utilities in Europe, USA, Australia, South America. Current Baseform clients represent close to 20,000 km of monitored infrastructure, serving over 3 million people. 

Years of experience developing and refining web and mobile applications, user interfaces and server technologies, databases and mathematical models at Addition are the foundation for Baseform's core software technology. Baseform's application portfolio for networked infrastructures, with a focus on water supply and wastewater/stormwater systems, is the result of a continued relationship with recognized experts and leading-edge R&D organizations in Europe and the USA.

LNEC, Portugal's National Civil Engineering Lab, an internationally recognized excellence center in public infrastructure; SINTEF, the largest independent research organization in Scandinavia; and IST, the Technical Uni. of Lisbon, are some of the organizations whose scientific research and comprehensive engineering expertise have been transformed into professional software.

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