Core Technology
Baseform came to exist through the intertwining of computer science and water engineering R&D, and the rethinking from scratch of many existing processes. The innovative software platform began taking shape in 2010. It has since garnered large numbers of users in all continents and been applied by dozens of utilities in Europe, USA, South America & Australia.

Core Technology

Baseform CORE technology is the backbone supporting all baseformed software tools. CORE is the warrant behind the coherence, power and ease of use of Baseform software and is key in translating expert-level processes, models and methods into everyday tools.

Web-based user interface, designed for today's and tomorrow's iPads, laptops or PCs. The user interface is rooted in Addition User Interface (AddUI 2.0), taking advantage of over a decade of applied design and of the accumulated refinement and validation afforded by literally tens of thousands of unique users.

Data management, making it easy to efficiently work with small or very large volumes of data using the same web-based interface through all Baseform software.

Multitasking: CORE includes a unified background processing engine used by several of the software modules to perform concurrent complex tasks, such as running computing intensive simulations.

Support for common file formats: CORE includes dedicated file managers for MS-Excel (xls and xlsx), images (jpg, gif, png, etc.), text, PDF, shapefiles, video file playback and ZIP format compressing/uncompressing.

Multi-language localization: baseformed apps can be made available in one or in many languages at once, depending on the preference of each user.

Autonomy, a key design requirement of the Baseform architecture — integrating several open-source technologies into a package that can be installed on any environment with zero additional requirements. CORE does not depend on any third-party software such as database servers or specific operating systems.

Scalability Baseform technology can run anywhere from a single laptop computer to large-scale, big data, cloud environments such as Amazon S3. As an example, the publicly available Baseform trial software serves over a thousand users daily. Baseform software can take advantage of multi-core, multi-CPU, distributed environments, or run equally smoothly right in your PC.

MS-Excel import and export, available at the CORE and on many Baseform modules. Workbooks, worksheets and database tabular data are at the center of the daily work of Baseform software users – technicians, data analysts, engineers, decision makers.

GIS server and consumer — designed from the ground up for networked infrastructures, CORE talks natively with standard mapping software and protocols.

Professional, enterprise-targeted CORE upgrades

Upgrades targeted at full corporate integration and secure software requirements are available, including:

Concurrent, multi-user design

Secured, auditable user management

Configurable data sharing: each user can easily control and manage her own data, and share with others as needed.

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