Baseform makes forward-thinking software for networked water infrastructures, offering best-in-class SaaS analytics and planning solutions. Our software enables cities to extract the best value, service and efficiency from their infrastructure, operations and investments.

Portugal - Water engineer

Portugal - Water engineer

We’re looking for a new team member to join our engineering and customer success management team at the Lisbon headquarters.

Baseform makes software for the water industry, changing the world and the environment through actionable data, information, visualization and analytics. The software is cloud-based, SaaS, and is used by cities providing water services to over 25 million people in USA, Portugal, Denmark, Spain, and other countries.

Our fast-growing pool of Big Data has clocked up over 250,000km of infrastructure, over 30,000 years of continuous monitoring data, and counting. We're headquartered in Lisbon, with subsidiaries in USA and Spain, and significant distribution partners covering USA, Western Europe and LatAm.

Our team includes not only the best software team on the planet, but also deep-domain knowledge through our world-class engineering team, a dream-team of mathematicians/ data scientists and a very sharp sales team.

We’re looking for someone who is passionate about water engineering, problem-solving and next-generation tools, and about becoming part of a product that reaches real people globally, and is on its way to reaching many more.

Overview of position

Baseform's SaaS implements 100% remotely and is used by the water utilities themselves. We have an established product and your work will reach people in several continents every day. 

As a member of our engineering and support team, you will be tasked with learning from the software usage, analyzing data generated, exercising and developing engineering knowledge, and providing timely insights and project management supervision that enable our customers to extract the most from Baseform in view of their specific requirements.

The engineering and support team members are at the leading edge of the software's usage and constantly interact with the Data Science team and the Product Development team.

As an engineer, you will be dealing with the real world of water in cities, as you exercise your problem-solving skills and apply advanced water engineering methods in the context of our software's users operational, engineering and planning challenges.

Responsibilities and duties

Your day-to-day job will look like this:

  • Monitor software application at a range of clients from an engineering and applicational standpoint.
  • Interact with client teams and assist in managing their Baseform implementations, on both data and engineering methodologies.
  • Look for ways to improve our product and its usage
  • Assist with the continuous development of our e-learning and other documentation resources.

In addition to these daily responsibilities, you can expect to:

  • Develop engineering and data methods, contributing to our intense and continuous R&D drive to stay at the forefront of water system knowledge and applications.
  • Work with the data-science and product development teams
  • Report and discuss progress internally


Here's what we need, in order to consider you for this position:

  • A degree in Civil/Hydraulics/Water Resources/Environmental engineering or similar (enquire if in doubt)
  • Cover letter with your motivation to join Baseform, including what would you like to have achieved for yourself in 3/5 years' time.
  • Very good fluency in English and in Portuguese

Perks / work place

Baseform has a familiar and relaxed environment with a growing yet still small team where everyone is comfortable and friendly with everyone else. We use flexible working hours and locations, and we want everyone to have a life outside work. We are committed to establishing a sustainable long-term relationship with each team member.

Baseform is headquartered in Lisbon; our team is also located in Lyon (France), Valencia and Barcelona (Spain), as well as Charlotte (NC, USA), Olympic Valley and San Francisco (CA, USA). 

Position Type: Full-Time Employment

Location: Lisbon metro area, Portugal

Qualifications: A degree in Civil/Hydraulics/Water Resources/Environmental engineering or similar (enquire if in doubt)

Announcement posted: 2022-05-19



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