17 Mar 2014

AWARE-P is the 2014 winner of IWA's Project Innovation Award

The AWARE-P project and Baseform's software suite of the same name have been recognized by the International Water Association (IWA) with the 2014 Project Innovation Award (Europe & West Asia region) in the Planning category.

IWA's Project Innovation Awards (PIA) are a prestigious global competition which recognises and celebrates innovation and excellence in water engineering projects around the world in six different project categories – applied research, planning, design, operations/management, small projects and marketing and communications. The competition rates five key criteria:

• Originality and Innovation
• Future Value to the engineering profession
• Social, Economic and Sustainable design
• Complexity
• Exceeds client/owner needs

Established in 2006, the programme runs on a 2-year cycle, with the Regional Awards presented in regional forums, and the Global Awards delivered at the biennial IWA World Water Congress.

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