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24 Apr 2023
Thank you for your trust.
28 Mar 2023
Our clients continue to trust us for the management of their networks.
16 Mar 2023
We'll be providing monitoring and analytics for their Water, Wastewater and Gas.
31 Jan 2023
The Jávea municipal water company has awarded Baseform a 5-year contract.
30 Jan 2023
The two municipalities in Andaluzia, in the south of Spain, are among the latest Baseform adopters.
18 Jan 2023
We are starting the year in Spain with new clients!
06 Jan 2023
What best way to start off the year than to welcome the water services department of the city of Setúbal as a new Baseform client.
20 Dec 2022
The industry leading water and power utility serves a customer base of about 225000 residents with over 1400 miles of water line in the their distribution system and 90000+ water connections.
15 Dec 2022
A client of Baseform since 2019, Barreiro pursues a structured approach to water supply operations & maintenance as well as longer-term planning.
12 Dec 2022
BVI's Water and Sewerage Department renews with Baseform to support their pursuit of water loss management, as well as customer meter and demand management.
28 Nov 2022
For this they will deploy Baseform's capabilities in event management and non-revenue water management.
16 Nov 2022
Find out why they chose Baseform
10 Oct 2022
It is the solution to assist with their McKim & Creed-led leak detection program
14 Sep 2022
The historical site of the first independent American government, Elizabethton serves an area of about 75 square miles with approximately 270 miles of water line in the distribution system and approximately 70 miles of sewer line, 11,500 water connections and 7,000 sewer connections that serve an estimated population of 28,000 in Elizabethton and Carter County.
08 Sep 2022
3 years and full coverage
06 Sep 2022
Find out why they trust Baseform
03 Sep 2022
In the pursuit of greater efficiency SMAEP Damona will be using Baseform in their water distribution system through advanced asset management.
09 Aug 2022
The 134,000 pop city in Southern Florida deploys advanced techniques to minimize non-revenue water, including district metering.
10 Jul 2022
Focusing on condition assessment of their water supply system, the 30,000 pop city will be using Baseform to support proactive renewal.
06 Jun 2022
We are excited to work with Skokie's team in achieving their strategic goals.
23 May 2022
Highly focused event management and asset management deployment for efficiency and sustainability goals
18 May 2022
The forward-thinking capital of Texas is the latest major city to adopt the world's most comprehensive utility analytics software.
06 Apr 2022
Yet another utility in the Basque Country that places its preference on our software
18 Mar 2022
Baseform's operational response capabilities at their sharpest
11 Mar 2022
The utility will be looking to detect and quantify SSOs, as well as infiltration volumes.
23 Feb 2022
The contract has been extended for another 3 years, now covering also wastewater, reflecting SIMAS's long-running success in using the software to support its operations and planning efforts.
18 Jan 2022
EMALSA will be focusing on infrastructural asset planning for both water supply and wastewater systems.
12 Jan 2022
Long-term objectives as well as operational efficiency underpin continued reliance on our software
10 Jan 2022
16 new municipalities implementing the software to assist in operations and planning.
30 Nov 2021
Earlier this year, the city in the Lisbon Metro Area selected Baseform's software for its infrastructure asset management programme.
23 Jul 2021
NILSA has been a user of the software since 2020, focusing on wastewater monitoring to detect and quantify SSOs.
02 Apr 2021
The Consorcio de Aguas de Busturialdea, in the Basque Country (Spain), has granted a new 5-year contract to Baseform.
18 Mar 2021
The Portuguese municipality pursues their leading-edge Smart City vision, making Baseform a part of its data leveraging strategy on the water services domain.
28 Feb 2021
Consolidated Utility District of Rutherford County (Tennessee, USA) has been a keen and active user of Baseform, underpinning its District Metered Area (DMA) Monitoring & Central Event Management programme
21 Jan 2021
The provider of water and wastewater services at this Balearic Islands city has extended Baseform's SaaS to boost their non-revenue water management capabilities, as well as short- to long-term planning.
05 Jan 2021
The Braga (Portugal) utility has selected Baseform's software as the digital backbone of its Supervisory Control of Water Losses' programme, as well as in the wider framework of infrastructural asset management.
04 Oct 2020
Aljarafesa (Spain) awards Baseform a new contract to support failure prediction, risk exposure analysis and renewal planning of their water supply infrastructures in 2 cities in the Sevilla metro area.
15 Aug 2020
The Californian utility has been a user of the software since 2019, enhancing fact-based prioritization capabilities for their CIP projects and system maintenance, with full leveraging of the utility's own data.
Baseform® is a registered trademark of BF Software, Lda.
Baseform® is a registered trademark of BF Software, Lda.