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28 Mar 2023
Welcome to the team.
28 Mar 2023
Our clients continue to trust us for the management of their networks.
16 Mar 2023
We'll be providing monitoring and analytics for their Water, Wastewater and Gas.
14 Mar 2023
How to use your own data to optimize CIP and expansions.
07 Mar 2023
Leverage the Data you already have
22 Feb 2023
Utilities have large quantities of data that can be effectively leveraged, if it is reconciled and made available to a common medium.
14 Feb 2023
See you in Zaragoza!
13 Feb 2023
Our Water Balance went from guesstimated to real.
31 Jan 2023
The Jávea municipal water company has awarded Baseform a 5-year contract.
30 Jan 2023
The two municipalities in Andaluzia, in the south of Spain, are among the latest Baseform adopters.
24 Jan 2023
Being able to prioritize assets for renewal at the push of a button is not just a productivity perk.
19 Jan 2023
Find out how this works
18 Jan 2023
We are starting the year in Spain with new clients!
11 Jan 2023
Baseform enables full agnostic integration of any number of smart meter/AMI/AMR systems and SCADA systems, implemented within a few days. Tracking live monitoring data and detecting breaks, leaks, meter malfunction, abnormal consumption, etc, becomes much faster, responsive and accurate.
06 Jan 2023
What best way to start off the year than to welcome the water services department of the city of Setúbal as a new Baseform client.
20 Dec 2022
The industry leading water and power utility serves a customer base of about 225000 residents with over 1400 miles of water line in the their distribution system and 90000+ water connections.
19 Dec 2022
Yet another result of Baseform's sustained collaboration with Instituto Superior Técnico's Dept. of Applied Maths and Computation (Lisbon Uni.)
15 Dec 2022
A client of Baseform since 2019, Barreiro pursues a structured approach to water supply operations & maintenance as well as longer-term planning.
14 Dec 2022
Congratulations Carolina Constantino!
12 Dec 2022
BVI's Water and Sewerage Department renews with Baseform to support their pursuit of water loss management, as well as customer meter and demand management.
06 Dec 2022
Can't wait for next year's event
28 Nov 2022
For this they will deploy Baseform's capabilities in event management and non-revenue water management.
18 Nov 2022
PT Sales, US Sales, Developers
16 Nov 2022
Find out why they chose Baseform
08 Nov 2022
Come visit us.
04 Nov 2022
Every season futuristic keywords flood the general discourse: in recents years we’ve been hearing about water 4.0, water smartness, digital water, digital twins or water-as-a-service.
18 Oct 2022
Our new member is joining the team in Spain!
10 Oct 2022
It is the solution to assist with their McKim & Creed-led leak detection program
06 Oct 2022
When our clients's results speak for themselves
03 Oct 2022
Find out how Baseform can be relevant
14 Sep 2022
The historical site of the first independent American government, Elizabethton serves an area of about 75 square miles with approximately 270 miles of water line in the distribution system and approximately 70 miles of sewer line, 11,500 water connections and 7,000 sewer connections that serve an estimated population of 28,000 in Elizabethton and Carter County.
08 Sep 2022
3 years and full coverage
06 Sep 2022
Find out why they trust Baseform
03 Sep 2022
In the pursuit of greater efficiency SMAEP Damona will be using Baseform in their water distribution system through advanced asset management.
30 Aug 2022
Get in touch to find out how we can help you save time, money and water.
23 Aug 2022
Check the compatible technologies
16 Aug 2022
Will you join us there?
09 Aug 2022
The 134,000 pop city in Southern Florida deploys advanced techniques to minimize non-revenue water, including district metering.
05 Aug 2022
We are looking for a US Sales Representative to join our team!
28 Jul 2022
Our new member is joining the Engineering Team
20 Jul 2022
We had a great time taking part of this event, in Savannah.
10 Jul 2022
Focusing on condition assessment of their water supply system, the 30,000 pop city will be using Baseform to support proactive renewal.
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