27 Nov 2017
Baseform will be at booth #100 in the exhibition area. Join us there to discuss your specific needs and try out our software for water losses.
21 Nov 2017
Baseform will be exhibiting at ENEG 2017, Évora (Portugal), 21-23/11. Come try our software at Stand 7.
31 Aug 2017
We’re excited to welcome Ken Bossung to the Baseform team, where he will be leading US and international sales.
18 Jun 2017
Baseform will be delivering a keynote presentation at the IWA's biennial conference on strategic asset management.
11 Jun 2017
Baseform will be exhibiting at AWWA's flagship event, the Annual Conference & Exhibition ACE 2017. Join us at booth #430 and try out our software.
24 May 2017
Online registration now open.
19 May 2017
Baseform will be exhibiting at Jornadas Técnicas de AEAS, Tarragona (España), 24-26/05. Come try our software at Stand A12.
03 May 2017
In this post we focus on a specific aspect of this upcoming technology that is anything but trivial: rendering water networks in 3D.
10 Feb 2017
Miguel is a very welcome addition to Baseform's development team and a very promising prospect for us. He brings in a solid set of programming skills to work on our next generation of software. We have one more good reason to look forward to the future.
20 Jan 2017
Baseform cloud servers securely receive and analyze data from utility GIS, billing, SCADA, metering and other systems in real-time. Part of my job is to make sure we operate at maximum efficiency and maintain scalability as the number of utilities, cities and end-users grows exponentially.
07 Nov 2016
The Web Summit, Europe's largest web-related event, opens tonight at Meo Arena in Lisbon. Baseform is part of the Alpha Startup track, and will be waiting for your visit on Stand A528, SaaS Exhibition Area, Pavilion 1, on Nov 9th.
27 Oct 2016
'Infrastructure Asset Management of Urban Water Systems', by Helena Alegre and Sergio T Coelho, has reached a remarkable 4000 downloads in 2 years. The text is Ch.3 in 'Water Supply System Analysis' (Ed. Avi Ostfeld), a textbook by Intech.
27 Jul 2016
Baseform Increases Water Infrastructure Performance With 3D Analytics And Simulation, interview with Sergio Coelho
25 Jun 2016
Baseform has been selected for the Alpha Startup track at Web Summit 2016 (Nov 8-10). Looking forward to being part of this year's largest web event in Europe, and among some of the world's most innovative startups, right on our home turf.
24 May 2016
At Baseform, we’ve combined years of applied R&D in water systems with a just as valuable track record in advanced computer development and implementation.
13 May 2016
Applied Math masterclass at Lisbon Tech Uni (IST)
Baseform's Diogo Vitorino and Margarida Azeitona showed the Applied Math MSc students at Lisbon Tech Uni (IST) how math can be a crucial aid in understanding human behavior. Last year, Margarida was still in the audience.
09 May 2016
Following up on project INFR5R12, WE&RF are jointly exploring ways to make the AWARE-P software available to the WE&RF community. A new instance of the software is expected to be made available in the coming weeks.
04 May 2016
Baseform will be a technology partner of the National Initiative on Water & Energy Losses (iPerdas) 2016, a nationwide collaborative project with 13 utilities representing a universe of 2M consumers.
21 Apr 2016
Under the auspices of the POWER H2020 project, CASSA and Baseform began collaborating on piloting the Digital Social Platform under development in the project.
22 Mar 2016
In its most recent comprehensive review of the water sector, Valor Econômico, the largest financial newspaper in Brazil, includes insights from an interview with Baseform's Sergio T Coelho.
14 Mar 2016
SIMAR, the water utility for the cities of Loures and Odivelas (1340 km of distribution network) has selected Baseform's comprehensive SaaS solution for system monitoring, real-time detection, leakage control and asset management planning.
10 Mar 2016
Powel AS, the leading provider of utility analytics and software, kindly invited Baseform to present its infrastructure asset management to a number of Danish water services utilities, who are in the process of adopting stricter and longer-ranging AM planning measures.
08 Mar 2016
The Indaqua group of utilities has extended its usage of Baseform's SaaS software by subscribing its new and innovative solution for sewerage network monitoring and management, with an enphasys on controlling infiltration & inflow (I&I).
01 Mar 2016
Água&Ambiente, Portugal's leading water sector news outlet, carries a case study by one of the utilities using Baseform's monitoring SaaS software, quoting impressive gains in network efficiency and in operational efectiveness.
29 Feb 2016
Baseform's Sergio Coelho was an invited speaker at the panel on "Water Security, Non Revenue Water and the Resource Revolution"in this year's WEX Global water & energy leaders' summit.
21 Feb 2016
Under the auspices of the POWER H2020 project, Hagihon, Jerusalem's industry leading water utility, and Baseform began collaborating on piloting the Digital Social Platform under development in the project.
15 Feb 2016
The water utility for the cities of Oeiras and Amadora has selected Baseform's comprehensive SaaS solution to monitor, control and plan their 1000 km plus of distribution infrastructure.
29 Jan 2016
A landmark figure has been clocked in at Baseform's data center: one thousand years of processed water sector consumption data representing real, validated, human and societal behavior from across the globe. Our forecasting engine learns exponentially as the database snowballs.
20 Jan 2016
Lisbon – 20th January 2016, as part of the POWER project consortium, Baseform was present in the kick off meeting, last week in Brussels.
04 Jan 2016
Margarida is the latest addition to Baseform's team and will be researching applied math methods to crunch our massively growing database of human behaviors and network asset records. Margarida is an MSc in Applied Math and among the Lisbon Technical Uni class of 2015's brightest.
08 Nov 2015
Baseform's team welcomes Sergio Nunes as Lead Developer. Sérgio has considerable experience in software development and GIS consulting, having led execution in web applications, information systems, mobile applications and system administration.
28 Sep 2015
Sara joins Baseform to help ensure an outstanding customer experience for our users. Sara brings in more than 10 years in IT and extensive experience in customer service, project and commercial management, along with data analysis.
28 May 2015
Baseform's Diogo Vitorino showcased Inframoura, the privately managed utility of Vilamoura (Algarve, Portugal) one of the largest tourist resorts in Europe, and its migration from ArcGIS to our partner Boundless's OpenGeo Enterprise Suite.
14 Apr 2015
Baseform's leakage detection and asset management software was one of the 5 innovative technologies presented to an audience of leading Brazilian water utilities and consultants at the TAG 2nd Innovation Platform in Sanitation, São Paulo, Brazil, on April 14th.
25 Feb 2015
Baseform's Sergio Coelho was an invited expert at WEX Global 2015 Istanbul (Turkey), a leading international event dedicated to Water, Energy and the Zero Waste Society. Sergio gave an anchor presentation at the panel on 'The Future of Water: Non-Revenue Water and Asset Management' (Feb 24)
12 Nov 2014
Baseform's Monitor software was presented to a number of Portuguese water utilities at the National Water Loss Initiative in Lisboa on November 12, 2014.
18 Oct 2014
Following a presentation at Isle's European event in London last March, Baseform's AWARE-P software was presented to a number of Californian water utilities at the US Water TAG in Los Angeles (CA) US on Thu October 16, 2014.
25 Sep 2014
A well attended session saw the world premiere of version 1.0 of the AWARE-P software family for infrastructure asset management of urban water systems.
15 Sep 2014
A 1,5 hr AWARE-P session at the upcoming IWA 2014 World Water Congress will be dedicated to the launch of the new AWARE-P Suite, and to the AWARE-P methodology and software roadmap. Wed, Sep 24, 1:30-3:00pm, Room 0.06. Under the title "Launching a new IAM open source software", the session is free.
08 Sep 2014
The upcoming release of version 1.0 of the AWARE-P software, now reaching professional-level maturity, will include a freely downloadable, single-user version for use on personal computers, and a new, full-featured online trial, as well as Pro-geared editions.
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