10 May 2022
Planning their CIP and renewal by optimizing street-size planning units, this Texas public utility is able to counter an average 3.6%/yr increase in breaks with a 15x investment efficiency, effectively halting deterioration - a crucial yardstick for measuring renewal effectiveness.
27 Apr 2022
Find out how we do it.
04 Apr 2022
Tracking live monitoring data and detecting anomalous events – breaks, leaks, meter malfunction, abnormal consumption, etc – enables faster response, finds more leaks, and automates the accrual of all the key components of real losses and consumption.
30 Mar 2022
SMAS Almada supplies a 175,000 population and is actively using Baseform to support their ambitious infrastructure asset management strategy.
22 Mar 2022
Today is World Water Day - a reminder that managing water wisely is not an optional mandate.
24 Feb 2022
Impact quantification for each of the CIP projects in the pipeline allowed this utility to prioritize their resources and maximize the number of avoided pipe breaks (or their associated avoided cost).
23 Feb 2022
The contract was extended for another 3 years.
08 Feb 2022
The ability to use existing CCTV inspections, together with GIS and contextual data to predict the structural or operational condition in the entire system makes it possible to direct the next inspections to the most critical assets at any moment, with speed, cost and efficiency gains – and a leap forward in renewal planning.
18 Jan 2022
EMALSA will be focusing on infrastructural asset planning for both water supply and wastewater systems.
14 Jan 2022
A partnership with Hidroinnova brings in water sector expertise and experience to jointly expand our footprint in the region.
12 Jan 2022
Long-term objectives as well as operational efficiency underpin continued reliance on our software
10 Jan 2022
16 new municipalities implementing the software to assist in operations and planning.
15 Dec 2021
Check our client Emalsa's experience.
30 Nov 2021
Earlier this year, the city in the Lisbon Metro Area selected Baseform's software for its infrastructure asset management programme.
18 Nov 2021
Ask us for a free invitation and come meet with us or listen to our clients' experiences, Nov.23-26.
09 Nov 2021
Come see Baseform in action live at this year's edition, November 16-18.
05 Nov 2021
How Baseform is being used for a better management of public resources.
02 Nov 2021
As sensors, maps and other types of information become increasingly accessible to water utilities and to cities in general, we can combine data sources like never before.
19 Oct 2021
Baseform automatically generates indicators that the utility is using to tackle I&I.
27 Sep 2021
An increasing part of the key processes in a water utility can benefit from data and fact-based knowledge to improve efficiency, effectiveness, sustainability and risk exposure.
20 Sep 2021
Pedro will join our Engineering Team, bringing in a valuable combination of expertise in both water engineering and water system data.
06 Sep 2021
Baseform will be presenting its technology, contributing to the discussion and lending its full support to the event.
20 Aug 2021
We are looking for a software developer to join our team.
16 Aug 2021
The most recent addition to our team, Dustin brings in valuable experience and a very progressive take on water sector technology.
27 Jul 2021
We were born from R&D, and being close to the leading edge of knowledge in water continues to be a key driving force in our vision and roadmap.
23 Jul 2021
NILSA has been a user of the software since 2020, focusing on wastewater monitoring to detect and quantify SSOs.
05 Jul 2021
We are happy to announce our latest hire in Spain, Berit Sander, who joined us as Customer Success Manager and pre-sales engineer for Spain and Latam.
17 Jun 2021
Baseform is hiring to bolster its Engineering and Product Development teams
27 May 2021
Baseform, a technology leader in software for water utilities, and Grundfos, the world leader in pumps and water solutions, are today announcing the next step in their strategic partnership to bring powerful digital services to all water utilities across the globe.
25 May 2021
The increased leveraging of CCTV inspections, as well as the capabilities of monitoring and analyzing infiltration & inflow in real time, reinforce Baseform as a unique offer on the market, whose return has been increasingly validated by our customers.
23 May 2021
Baseform technology enables 100% remote deployment and operation, and our customers around the world have been able to prove this by continuing to operate infrastructure and advance analytical projects even during the severe limitations resulting from the pandemic.
05 Apr 2021
Aisha Mamade of Baseform will be one of the contributors to this International Water Association webinar, aimed at exploring the potential for data-driven modeling and artificial intelligence to support asset management in water and sewer networks.
02 Apr 2021
The Consorcio de Aguas de Busturialdea, in the Basque Country (Spain), has granted a new 5-year contract to Baseform.
22 Mar 2021
Don't miss Enrique Cabrera's session on Digital Water at the XXXVII AIDIS Inter-American Virtual Congress of Sanitary and Environmental Engineering
18 Mar 2021
The Portuguese municipality pursues their leading-edge Smart City vision, making Baseform a part of its data leveraging strategy on the water services domain.
28 Feb 2021
Consolidated Utility District of Rutherford County (Tennessee, USA) has been a keen and active user of Baseform, underpinning its District Metered Area (DMA) Monitoring & Central Event Management programme
21 Jan 2021
ACCIONA renews with Baseform at Andratx
The provider of water and wastewater services at this Balearic Islands city has extended Baseform's SaaS to boost their non-revenue water management capabilities, as well as short- to long-term planning.
05 Jan 2021
The Braga (Portugal) utility has selected Baseform's software as the digital backbone of its Supervisory Control of Water Losses' programme, as well as in the wider framework of infrastructural asset management.
15 Dec 2020
The 3rd largest utility group in Chile has selected Baseform with a focus on supporting renewal planning for 2022 of their extensive water supply and wastewater networks.
04 Oct 2020
Baseform begins implementation at Aljarafesa
Aljarafesa (Spain) awards Baseform a new contract to support failure prediction, risk exposure analysis and renewal planning of their water supply infrastructures in 2 cities in the Sevilla metro area.
01 Oct 2020
Baseform is deeply committed to our goal of assisting society in better managing water. Under the current pandemic, that goal takes on a special and urgent meaning.
30 Sep 2020
The pandemic has had, and continues to have, a significant impact on the global economy, and on water utilities in particular. Through this period and its challenges, Baseform has managed to see triple-digit growth both in financial terms, in managed infrastructure and in population served.
15 Aug 2020
The Californian utility has been a user of the software since 2019, enhancing fact-based prioritization capabilities for their CIP projects and system maintenance, with full leveraging of the utility's own data.