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29 Nov 2023
Using the software for meter changeout planning, the utility reached a return on investment that is 3x faster than prioritizing by meter age, with a greater reduction in apparent losses.
27 Nov 2023
Thank you for the continued trust.
22 Nov 2023
Come talk to us at stand A6.
17 Nov 2023
'Digital' makes a lot more sense when you let the actual software do the talking.
09 Nov 2023
In I&I and sewer system management, getting the numbers right saves time, money and energy.
08 Nov 2023
Get in touch to find out how your utility can also benefit from Baseform.
06 Nov 2023
Since the adoption of Baseform, the software has become an essential tool.
02 Nov 2023
Find out how Baseform can contribute to better outcomes in water supply and sanitation networks.
30 Oct 2023
We will be connected in direct support to operations as well as infrastructural planning.
19 Oct 2023
TAIGUA will improve the water management with us.
29 Sep 2023
If you'd like to hear it from practitioners already using our technology, this will be a great opportunity
27 Sep 2023
We look forward to this new stage in our growth!
19 Sep 2023
Being close to the leading edge of knowledge in water continues to be a key driving force in our vision and DNA.
13 Sep 2023
In NRW management, getting the numbers right saves time, money and water.
17 Aug 2023
Find out more about this and other compatible technologies.
24 Jul 2023
From defects to sewer grading.
13 Jul 2023
In NRW management, working hard to get predictions right saves time, money and water.
06 Jul 2023
Focusing on results and using available data is the answer.
04 Jul 2023
Maria Juliana Torres is an industrial engineer who brings a wealth of experience in the commercial area.
21 Jun 2023
Can you afford to defer them?
14 Jun 2023
Come join our team in Spain
14 Jun 2023
What do you mean "it's the software"?
06 Jun 2023
Visit us on the 6th or 7th of June
01 Jun 2023
Setting up a DMA can be as simple as installing meters on a pre-existing supply or pressure zone. But that alone is not enough for reliable, actionable metrics.
30 May 2023
How to find greater numbers of critical sewers with fewer inspections.
22 May 2023
That means taking action can be prioritized based on facts and rational criteria.
11 May 2023
No, it's the sprinklers.
24 Apr 2023
Thank you for your trust.
19 Apr 2023
No, municipal pool (how to instantly know).
11 Apr 2023
Find out why, next week at the GAWP conference.
04 Apr 2023
"Everyone across the utility has access to the same data and insights"
28 Mar 2023
Welcome to the team.
28 Mar 2023
Our clients continue to trust us for the management of their networks.
16 Mar 2023
We'll be providing monitoring and analytics for their Water, Wastewater and Gas.
14 Mar 2023
How to use your own data to optimize CIP and expansions.
07 Mar 2023
Leverage the Data you already have
22 Feb 2023
Utilities have large quantities of data that can be effectively leveraged, if it is reconciled and made available to a common medium.
14 Feb 2023
See you in Zaragoza!
Baseform® is a registered trademark of BF Software, Lda.
Baseform® is a registered trademark of BF Software, Lda.