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18 Jun 2024
This was a result of a tender that the city held for this purpose.
12 Jun 2024
Predicting Water Loss and Break Rate Impacts of CIP Projects.
11 Jun 2024
We will be supporting their full water cycle management.
07 Jun 2024
Ken Bossung, President of Baseform US, will be there to meet you.
06 Jun 2024
We look forward to this opportunity for our software to contribute to increased utility efficiency.
03 Jun 2024
The software generates pipe deterioration predictions that leverage these data to prioritize operational and planning decisions.
29 May 2024
At the root, and prioritizing actions for maximum verifiable effect.
27 May 2024
Managing both the water and wastewater systems in a utility is what Baseform was designed for.
22 May 2024
The savings generated by such regular checks vastly outweigh their cost.
14 May 2024
Listen to your data.
07 May 2024
30 Apr 2024
Aguas de Santarém's renewal implies a significant expansion of the partnership.
22 Apr 2024
We look forward to work with Gulf Breeze's team.
18 Apr 2024
CABB with full AMI/SCADA integration for NRW management, and Pamplona with full coverage of continuously updated models.
15 Apr 2024
A 20% reduction in NRW following the implementation of the software
09 Apr 2024
Come hear it from our clients.
02 Apr 2024
Being able to extract better value from daily O&M efforts and long-term investments is not just desirable, it's a duty.
27 Mar 2024
In water & energy losses management, extracting maximum information benefits both operational as well as CIP strategies.
21 Mar 2024
Tomorrow is World Water Day.
13 Mar 2024
The recurring interaction with Baseform's software is continuously improved by fine-tuning the event detection performance.
06 Mar 2024
Check out this utility case from one of our clients.
28 Feb 2024
Making the most of the data you already collect or that exists in your repositories is the fastest way to fact-based decisions.
20 Feb 2024
Running a DMA system without a dedicated software that can actually extract value from the data will render ineffective the monitoring and network investment made.
14 Feb 2024
The software is never asleep and is a crucial resource to the utility.
08 Feb 2024
If you're there, come meet Ken Bossung, our US President.
06 Feb 2024
Over the last 4+ years, CUDRC has significantly reduced water loss with support from the software
01 Feb 2024
It can have disastrous effects when trying to take advantage of modern predictive capabilities.
30 Jan 2024
A client on the water supply side since 2021, SMAS Almada now extends their Baseform deployment to full coverage on wastewater as well.
25 Jan 2024
A utility partner since 2018, SAWS leverages the software for failure analytics and streamlined renewal planning
10 Jan 2024
The Georgia utility has a focus on predicting water and wastewater asset failure with the purpose of driving asset management plans.
14 Dec 2023
Find out more about Rita Leite's work.
07 Dec 2023
Come by Booth #204 to meet the team.
29 Nov 2023
Using the software for meter changeout planning, the utility reached a return on investment that is 3x faster than prioritizing by meter age, with a greater reduction in apparent losses.
27 Nov 2023
From boosting operational response to managing events and water losses
22 Nov 2023
Come talk to us at stand A6.
17 Nov 2023
'Digital' makes a lot more sense when you let the actual software do the talking.
09 Nov 2023
In I&I and sewer system management, getting the numbers right saves time, money and energy.
08 Nov 2023
Get in touch to find out how your utility can also benefit from Baseform.
06 Nov 2023
Since the adoption of Baseform, the software has become an essential tool.
02 Nov 2023
Find out how Baseform can contribute to better outcomes in water supply and sanitation networks.
30 Oct 2023
We will be connected in direct support to operations as well as infrastructural planning.
19 Oct 2023
TAIGUA will improve the water management with us.
29 Sep 2023
If you'd like to hear it from practitioners already using our technology, this will be a great opportunity
27 Sep 2023
We look forward to this new stage in our growth!
19 Sep 2023
Being close to the leading edge of knowledge in water continues to be a key driving force in our vision and DNA.
13 Sep 2023
In NRW management, getting the numbers right saves time, money and water.
Baseform® is a registered trademark of BF Software, Lda.
Baseform® is a registered trademark of BF Software, Lda.