11 May 2023

A pipe break at 2am?

No, it's the sprinklers.

A key analytic in Baseform's arsenal is the continuously tracked real losses from monitoring daily mininimum flow across the network. However, fluctuations and demand behaviour can mislead humans or algorithms into estimating higher minimum. It's the case of nocturnal garden sprinklers in the warmer seasons. Our newest algorithm, however, is getting very efficient at learning what sets these apart and separating them from genuine breaks or from the minimum night flow. The sprinkler-related volume is singled out and becomes useful for tariff calibration, demand management, or sometimes detecting unauthorized consumption. And of course, it is deducted from the tracked real losses and accordingly assigned to its appropriate water balance component, allowing a much more accurate calculation of the actual minimum flow. When you need to continuously survey dozens of sectors and meters, and reliably accrue water balance data for prioritizing your O&M resources, such factors become crucial.

In NRW management, getting the numbers right saves time, money and water. Can you still afford to trust your numbers to guesstimation?

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Baseform® is a registered trademark of BF Software, Lda.
Baseform® is a registered trademark of BF Software, Lda.