Baseform came to exist through the intertwining of computer science and water engineering R&D, and the rethinking from scratch of many existing processes. The innovative software platform began taking shape in 2010. It has since garnered large numbers of users in all continents and been applied by dozens of utilities in Europe, USA, South America & Australia.


Baseform is here to change the water sector, and the way communities manage themselves around this essential resource.

Water infrastructures are reaching critical levels of deferred maintenance. Cities need to re-invest massively, requiring long-term vision and systematic, defendable and transparent planning processes. At the same time, engineering and urban planning need not rely only on models – with fast expanding sensorization, we can now increasingly observe reality in detail and continuously adapt infrastructures to the changing needs and intensities.

There is no better way to accomplish the envisioned changes than to share what we do with the people who can think alongside us, providing new insights and helping us take it further.

We hail from R&D, and know from experience how hard it is to make sure it can be useful to the industry. Two premises are foundational: start with the right data, and aim at a real problem. At Baseform, we research and learn every minute that we spend working with our client utilities, as our engines get trained and as we get exposed to never ending human experiences and an exponentially growing data pool.

Intellectual transparency and openness are core values of Baseform. We publish most of the algorithms and methods we develop and work with in our software. Submitting to validation by the technical community is the best way to ensure the utmost value in what we have to offer, and to give it back to the world.

Baseform Labs is dedicated to weaving a web where the water sector’s hands-on experience interlocks with the R&D and higher education communities – to foster better knowledge, to extract better value from snowballing data volumes, to listen and to learn.

Baseform Labs is the R&D ecosystem we invest in for sharing

Software - academic licenses of our latest software, for R&D and higher education programs in academic settings; and the cases that best illustrate each application.

Data - data-rich, 100% plausible scenarios generated and validated by our AI engines from our nigh on infinite city, infrastructure and behavioral data resources, e.g. to support MSc or PhD dissertations or the teaching of advanced topics.

Projects - to host, support and join forces in targeted R&D efforts, offering our insights into what is most useful to investigate, not to mention our best existing software, our substantial processing capabilities and enough data to run any hypothesis against. Let us publish what we jointly find.

We welcome all engaged minds around the world who want to share our vision of change. We hope that we can help nudge R&D efforts to even better results, and make sure those results revert back to the water utilities and the communities they service.

Enrique Cabrera
Director, Baseform Labs

Sergio T Coelho
CEO, Baseform

Baseform® is a registered trademark of BF Software, Lda.
Baseform® is a registered trademark of BF Software, Lda.