Baseform's SaaS makes available a growing family of apps through each customer deployment. Apps bring together sets of tools that leverage their combined functionality around a specific decisional or engineering process. The platform ensures a consistent user experience and a natural integration of data & results.

Monitor: real-time operational efficiency

Monitor: real-time operational efficiency
Listen to your network: react in real time to water losses and other events; collect feedback to validate your records; learn about system and consumer behavior; quantify your zones for prioritization
Detects deviations to normal network behaviour that may translate leaks, pipe breaks, unusual demand, changes to night flows and a variety of network issues.
  • Active, fast detection of leaks, bursts and other network events, as well as metering and communications malfunctions.
  • Reduced response times to field events.
  • Reliable, automated estimation of water volumes lost.
  • Streamlined workflow for operational events.
  • Operational feedback validates data and work orders.
Sensor-based monitoring drives system usage analytics, learning and predicting demand patterns and trends, and consumer behaviour.
  • Dynamic, predictive demand patterns.
  • Advanced analysis of trends, behaviours, consumers and network.
  • Individual meter validation and reliability analysis.
  • A monitoring-based, direct depiction of network behaviour.
  • Integrated feed of demand patterns and data to simulation models.
A location-centric perspective on all metering across system and zones, as a hub to quickly dive into available metered quantities and events being detected.
  • Easy data feed viewer and meter selector for categories such as flow, pressure, water quality, energy, billing, large consumers, etc.
  • Fast overview of open events
  • Overlays with web-served and utility maps, and GIS-based layers from the available array of data sources.
Compact, top-down (literally) viewer of metered zones and their individual meters, allowing for rapid perception of system-wide behaviors as well as individual comparisons.
  • Rapid visual detection of normal vs. abnormal behavior.
  • Unique perceptions of the relative importance of events.
  • Very efficient and progressive understanding of flows and other quantities across the system.
  • At-a-glance views of data gaps and meter failures.
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Baseform® is a registered trademark of BF Software, Lda.
Baseform® is a registered trademark of BF Software, Lda.