07 Jul 2024

Factually making a difference in real loss control

85% of the real losses volume recovered by this utility is from events detected by the software. Tracking live monitoring data and detecting anomalous events enables faster response, finds more leaks, and automates the accrual of all the key water loss components.

This public utility implements a DMA program as part of their water & energy losses management effort. A growing number of DMAs has been equipped to track down and address breaks and leaks, quantify consumption and manage NRW and the system in a more systematic and efficient way.

As part of that strategy, it has selected Baseform for event management, DMA monitoring (including AMI/AMR integration), proactive maintenance and renewal management.


Baseform’s proprietary data syncing tecnology automatically reconciles live data received from the multiple IT systems in the utility. It georeferences and integrates on the same monitoring referential all SCADA, billing, AMI/ AMR, of any technology (100% agnostic).


This was a major improvement to the utility, previously prevented by data compatibility issues from taking full advantage of these data.

Baseform deploys what is the most validated and advanced flow prediction and event detection engine available, based on stochastic as well as machine- learning algorithms. That makes is capable of:

(i) detecting any deviations to the flow predicted at each moment, prefiguring abnormal behavior;

(ii) automatically measuring and accruing the volumes lost in each event, as well as base real losses (from minimum flow), and consumption in its various components, tariffs, etc;

(iii) continuously updating water balance components in each sector;

(iv) continuously updating NRW, consumption and billing indicators – be it in MGD, kWh, or $.

Conversely, another module of the software processes GIS and work order data and allows for the prediction of mains breaks and break rates, based on the utility’s own data.

This enables the utility to optimize active leak detection, and keep a continuously prioritized list of most likely pipes to break.

The field crews as well as all other personnel have full and continuous visibility to this data, and get break notifications in their mobiles – the same information allows for faster identification of those assets responsible for detected events that do not make themselves visible.


Population served: 197 100

# clients: 63 270

Total network length (water supply): 1,410 mi

Available data systems

• GIS: water supply system

• SCADA: 4 separate systems, history from 2018

• Billing: used history from 2018

• AMI/AMR: used history from 2018

• Maintenance/work orders: since 1999


Focus of Baseform implementation

• Event management

• Operational response

• Non-revenue water management

• Water audit and indicators

• Preventive maintenance and active leak detection

For further details, we will be pleased to provide utility contact information.


Baseform’s software is designed to take full advantage of the data that already exists in the utility, depending on each application objective.

The software connects to the available data systems in an automated, non-intrusive and completely secure manner.

In the case of this specific utility and the application described here, data from the systems highlighted below were used.

We make it our business to deal with your data so that you can concentrate on the outcomes.

Baseform® is a registered trademark of BF Software, Lda.
Baseform® is a registered trademark of BF Software, Lda.