15 Dec 2020

Baseform at ESVAL and Aguas del Valle, Chile

The 3rd largest utility group in Chile has selected Baseform with a focus on supporting renewal planning for 2022 of their extensive water supply and wastewater networks.

ESVAL and Aguas del Valle provide water services to over 2 million people in the provinces of Valparaíso, Petorca, San Antonio, San Felipe and Los Andes, in Chile. Their foward-thinking quest to support their water supply and wastewater capital investment plans with the best intelligence and decision-making capabilities led the utility to search for the best available analytics in the field of utility management and asset management. With Baseform they will be exploring and guiding their search for pipeline failure analysis capabilities that can increase the predictability of their asset management needs, and quantify the risk exposure that the various planning alternatives and projects entail and address.

The teams at ESVAL and Aguas del Valle will also be exploring other capabilities offered by Baseform, such as water supply and wastewater event management, and sewer inspections analysis.