28 Jun 2024

Tight inspections budget?

How to find more critical sewers with fewer inspections.

Inspecting the insides of sewer pipes and manholes regularly is the best way to address problems proactively and direct your hard-earned resources to best results. Yet it can be daunting to address a sewer system and make sure that the most critical assets are found swiftly. This is where predictive analytics are of unique value in finding trends in your data and predicting asset condition. Those predictions can then be put to best use by human insight to prioritize inspections plans that maximize the value of your resources: not only getting to more critical pipes faster, but ensuring that the new inspections add new knowledge and help increase the accuracy of those predictions exponentially. This is a proven path to prioritizing actions and getting infiltration & inflow (I&I) under control. This use case helps visualize how this process works and what the utility stands to gain. In I&I management, getting the numbers right saves time, money and water. Can you afford to trust your system's future to guesstimation?

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Baseform® is a registered trademark of BF Software, Lda.
Baseform® is a registered trademark of BF Software, Lda.