05 Jan 2021

AGERE awards new 5-year contract to Baseform

The Braga (Portugal) utility has selected Baseform's software as the digital backbone of its Supervisory Control of Water Losses' programme, as well as in the wider framework of infrastructural asset management.

Picking up on a very strong 2020 for Baseform, the new year is off to a bright start with the award by AGERE of this new long-term contract. 

AGERE is a reference water services utility in the Portuguese water sector, providing full cycle water services to the city of Braga metro area in the north of Portugal. AGERE supplies over 80,000 contracts through a water supply network of over 1,200km of pipelines.

The utility launched in 2020 a public tender for the provision of a software for "supervision and control of water losses in supply systems and support for infrastructure asset management". Baseform is proud to have been selected as part of AGERE's demanding and far-reaching strategic goals, and looks forward to a fruitful collaboration.

Baseform® is a registered trademark of BF Software, Lda.
Baseform® is a registered trademark of BF Software, Lda.