28 Mar 2023

João Pedro Fernandes joins Baseform.

Welcome to the team.

João Pedro brings a diverse and multinational experience, developed for over 20 years at Hexagon, a global geospatial software company where he played multiple roles, including web applications development, project management and team lead, presales management, channel sales management and Global Partner Program management. He also represented Hexagon Geospatial at European associations, including EARSC and EUROGI, as industry advisor and member of the Executive committee.

In the past three years, he served as Business Advisor at Planetek, an Italian-based company specialized in Earth Observation, helping to grow international sales of Rheticus®, a satellite data-based geoinformation monitoring services platform supporting asset management, natural hazards protection and citizens wellbeing. In this role, he focused in the Water Utility sector in Iberia and LATAM, developing a comprehensive understanding of the trends, needs and challenges of the sector.

João Pedro holds an Environmental Engineering degree from the New University of Lisbon, a post-graduation in GIS from the Technical University of Lisbon and a MBA, from the Lisbon School of Economics and Management. He is currently a member of Pavilion, an international community of sales, marketing, success, and RevOps leaders from the world’s fastest growing companies, where he continuously develops and sharpens his sales and leadership skills.

Sports have always been an important part of his life. Twenty years of semi-professional handball competition and martial arts practice shaped his growth, resilient and collaborative mindset and developed invaluable skills such as handling with success and failure, fast decision-making, focus, discipline and teamwork. Nowadays, he tries to balance his free time between family and friends, surfing and preparing for the next half-marathon challenge.

Baseform® is a registered trademark of BF Software, Lda.
Baseform® is a registered trademark of BF Software, Lda.