25 May 2021

Wastewater systems: more capabilities in reducing infiltration & inflow

The increased leveraging of CCTV inspections, as well as the capabilities of monitoring and analyzing infiltration & inflow in real time, reinforce Baseform as a unique offer on the market, whose return has been increasingly validated by our customers.

A Baseform client utility was able to lower the annual expenditure on inspections by more than 60%, without losing effectiveness in identifying assets in need of intervention, by targeting and planning new inspection outings accoding to Baseform predictive capabilities.

Together with the management of infiltration & inflow through the monitoring module, they built a strategy to reduce infiltration with the potential to reduce annual treatment costs by up to 35% within 5 years.

Baseform's inspection analysis module maximizes the usefulness of CCTV inspections of sewers and manholes. Based on an initial set of inspections, and machine-learning driven searching of causality with explanatory factors (GIS, varied cartography), it allows for predicting the condition of all other non-inspected assets and focusing the inspections effort on where the return is greater. And consequently, manage network renewal rationally and with maximal use of resources.

The system monitoring analysis capabilities, automatically following flow rate or flow height measurement records, or even pumping records, allow for continuous and expert identification by our machine-learning engines of network events that may correspond to instances of inflow, and its relation to precipitation. They also make it possible to continuously quantify the infiltration flows and the legitimate sanitary load. This provides the utility with progressive control of the problem as it installs a growing metering network, starting from the existing flowmeters, and carefully increasing where it matters most.

Don't hesitate to get in touch for more information or a demonstration of how Baseform can be applied to your specific case.