16 Jul 2020

Toulouse (France) pilots Baseform

The fifth largest metropolitan area in France is one of the adopters of Baseform's offer for 100% remote implementation of lifeline water monitoring and analytics capabilities.

Toulouse Métropole’s (TM) traditional pipe replacement analytics and renewal planning objectives were hit with the sudden COVID-19 pandemic strict lockdown consequences.

Baseform was thrilled to be in a position to assist the team when the need to adapt computational power to working remotely was mandatory, but a difficult hurdle to overcome. Leveraging Toulouse’s GIS files, the interpretation of historical work order data and the simple straightforward training process enabled the team to significantly increase their understanding of the infrastructure.

The value extracted from the Baseform offer was to validate ageing assumptions, design replacement scenarios and look into the predictive data of “what will be”.

It has allowed the asset management team to deliver results to other colleagues by the time Summer lockdown restrictions were eased, preventing any project stalling due to the new social landscape.

Baseform has contributed to TM's achieving powerful results in failure prediction, replacing and overcoming the access to regular computational resources, all from a fully remote implementation.