14 May 2024

From 'Once a year', to anytime, any sector.

Listen to your data.

Water audits and water balance are key allies in quantifying non-revenue water, real losses and meter error, and in prioritizing where in the system to act first. Unfortunately, they are also a massive chore to be done once a year at significant cost in time and effort — reconciling billing data (more recently AMI) with SCADA data, production volumes, purchased water, all from multiple disparate sources, files and tables.  Baseform clients have all that done for them automatically – full data reconciling (including AMI/SCADA), continuous updating and validation – and have access to component analyses at any time, for any period past or present - and for the entire system or any sector where flow monitoring is available. This is a massive advantage in staying abreast of issues and addressing them faster. The software is in daily operation at many dozens of utilities – and is ready to go from day one, no 'integrations', data lakes or architecture complications. Give us a try and judge for yourself.

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Baseform® is a registered trademark of BF Software, Lda.
Baseform® is a registered trademark of BF Software, Lda.