22 Mar 2021

A Baseform success story showcased at the AIDIS Congress

Don't miss Enrique Cabrera's session on Digital Water at the XXXVII AIDIS Inter-American Virtual Congress of Sanitary and Environmental Engineering

On Wednesday April 14 at 11:00 (GMT -3), Prof. Enrique Cabrera, Vice-President of the International Water Association and the coordinator of Baseform Labs, will host a session on Digital Water at the XXXVII AIDIS Inter-American Congress of Sanitary and Environmental Engineering. Enrique will showcase several success stories of how digital can be leveraged to assit utilities of all levels of development in enhancing their service, efficiency and sustainability.

One of those cases is the digital transformation taking place in the British Virgin Islands, where Baseform has been one of the enablers of a significant path forward in terms of engineering capability, in record time, by the utility's own staff, at a fraction of the cost of what would have been previously possible.