15 Aug 2020

South Tahoe (USA) renews with Baseform

The Californian utility has been a user of the software since 2019, enhancing fact-based prioritization capabilities for their CIP projects and system maintenance, with full leveraging of the utility's own data.

The South Tahoe Public Utility District (STPUD), a public agency established in 1950, provides the city of South Tahoe, on the shores of the beautiful Lake Tahoe, in California, with drinking water supply, sewage collection, treatment, and export to protect Tahoe's delicate ecosystem.

STPUD have been a keen and active user of Baseform since 2019, primarily with a view to underpinning their approach and decision-making in capital expenditure and operational maintenance of the networks. STPUD have implemented Baseform and taken large strides in leveraging their GIS, work order and other data to build a continuous picture of the water system and their reliability behavior, reflected in the maintenance records. In addition to building up a significant capability in predicting probablility of failure, STPUD have been hard at work modelling the consequence of failure according to a variety of cost- and service-related items, as well as environmental and compliance related dimensions, with a view to being able to adequately quantify and address risk exposure in these various dimensions.

The renewal with Baseform strengthens the relationship and is further evidence of the software's usefulness in a very focused utility context.