21 Jan 2020

Baseform wins public tender for Pamplona metro area

A new contract of up to 5 years to provide what MCP have termed an 'expert system for the optimization of the exploitation and prioritization of maintenance and renovation of the water supply and sanitation networks'.

MCP, the Mancomunidad de la Comarca de Pamplona, provides integral water cycle services to 50 municipalities in the region, including Pamplona, the capital city of Navarra in northern Spain. It provides services to a 360,000 population through an infrastructure that includes over 1,500 km of water supply (430km bulk) and 1,700km of wastewater pipelines (470km bulk), with close to 200,000 contracts.

In their current Strategic Plan, MCP defines as a main concern "the maturity of the existing infrastructures in the Integral Water Cycle", leading the organization "to design a sustained plan for the systematic renewal and active maintenance of existing infrastructures so as not to undercapitalize this service. Although the durability of this type of infrastructure can be estimated in dozens of years (in some cases up to 100 years), given its very high economic value, any sustainable long-term renovation plan implies maintaining an annual investment rate of a certain level.

In the same way, in the renovation and construction of new infrastructures, a design that maximizes the useful life appears to be a determining factor in the economic and environmental sustainability of the system. Likewise, another challenge within the temporal scope of this Plan is to integrate the remote reading of the meters. residential water systems with advanced network efficiency management, in order to bring the Unregistered Water ratio below 10%, in addition to being an instant relationship link with users."

It was with these priorities in mind that MCP launched a tender for services covering "an expert system for the optimization of the operation and for the prioritization of maintenance and renovation works in the short, medium and long term of the water supply and sanitation networks". Baseform was the selected technology and the SaaS has already begun its implementation, covering connections to MCP's variety of data systems, from GIS to workorders, billing and of course SCADA and network telemetry.

Baseform is deeply honored by MCP's choice, and proud of being part of such an ambitious, responsible and far reaching plan.