07 Mar 2023

Baseform Data Sync

Leverage the Data you already have

We sometimes get asked what is the magic sauce behind the speed and simplicity of Baseform's data implementations. We don't really believe in magic bullets, but the truth is, there is a special ingredient in the way how Baseform connects and implements instantly, and makes no demands on data formats or sources.

That magic is down to years of solid work researching how water systems work, what problems they have, what data may be available, what moving parts there are, and how to translate that into a next-gen, cloud-age data system that instantly ingests data without fuss.

It is also because it was made 100% for water systems – not adapted from some other walk of life, as often is the case with technology used in water – and it was designed from the ground up, not cobbled together from ersatz spreadsheets and BI front-ends. By people whose entire life was devoted to water on the one side, and to computing architectures, on the other.

But most importantly: we ingest client data *as it is*. We never impose a format, and we prefer to see the data in its raw state. Our Data Sync engines have been ingesting utility data in all shapes and forms for over 5 years, and learning immensely everyday since.

This is not just supremely comfortable and efficient for the client (no more ‘integrations’; this just works); this is also massively valuable in learning what shapes data can take, what technologies come with what issues, what information can be leveraged, and for what.

A bit like the algorithms driving autonomous cars, which learn continuously by observing when owners are driving and by correcting their own mistakes when they're not, our Data Sync technology and our Data Science team have been learning day in, day out through hundreds of miles of pipework, millions of customer meters and centuries of sensor data.

That accumulated learning experience is the magic sauce.


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Baseform® is a registered trademark of BF Software, Lda.
Baseform® is a registered trademark of BF Software, Lda.