24 Jan 2023

"Prioritizing a list of pipes for replacement used to take me a whole week; now I do it in 10 mins."

Being able to prioritize assets for renewal at the push of a button is not just a productivity perk.

The rational, quantifiable and optimized ROI provided by the results vastly outperforms what can be achieved using the traditional spreadsheet – or other software we have been compared with.

The way it is laid out in Baseform – continuously factoring in all available relevant data, from pipe break or sewer inspections records, to GIS data, to any other relevant information such as soil properties, seismic vulnerability, soil displacements, etc – and the software's ability to continuously validate and cross-check data amont the various sources, means that the user is always served by the utility's best and most factual datasets.

The software's expert AI and statistical models do the rest. The end result is the best available ability to rationally prioritize assets or sets of assets (projects) based on quantified factors such as the number of breaks avoided per year, or the total risk avoided by a given renewal plan, with utmost flexibility and responsiveness – any time.

Can you afford not to do it this way?

Find out more about Baseform's predictive asset management capabilities through in these cases:

Halting deterioration by expertly directing renewal effort. 

The 2 projects at the top of the list are less than 30% of the total, yet will avoid 62% of predicted pipe breaks.

Finding 5x more critical sewers with the same CCTV inspection effort. 

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Baseform® is a registered trademark of BF Software, Lda.
Baseform® is a registered trademark of BF Software, Lda.