12 Jul 2014

2015 edition of the iGPI Initiative launched with encouraging response

iGPI, Portugal's National Initiative for Infrastructure Asset Management, is a collaborative program set up by LNEC, IST and Addition, where a number of water service utilities develop strategic and tactical IAM plans with intensive use of Baseform's software.

The first edition of the program took place April 2012 - October 2013, involving 19 utilities in Portugal, was a resounding success (details here). The second edition is slated for 2015 (Jan through Dec) in a new, annual format, and is expected to involve utilities in Portugal, Brazil and other Portuguese-speaking countries. iGPI 2015 was presented yesterday at LNEC's Lisbon headquarters and elicited a very encouraging response from both former participating utilities, who will be following an advanced programme, and new participating utilities who will undergo the standard programme.

In all, a total of 12-15 newcomers and up to 12 returning utilities are sought in Portugal (with potential for participants from other Portuguese-speaking countries), with a mirror program planned for Brazil in a joint organization with ABES.

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