Baseform's software at Isle's TAG event in São Paulo, Brazil
14 Apr 2015

Baseform's software at Isle's TAG event in São Paulo, Brazil

Baseform's leakage detection and asset management software was one of the 5 innovative technologies presented to an audience of leading Brazilian water utilities and consultants at the TAG 2nd Innovation Platform in Sanitation, São Paulo, Brazil, on April 14th.

The event took place at the prestigious Fundação Getúlio Vargas in São Paulo, and was sponsored by the World Bank's International Finance Corporation (IFC).

Attended by some of the leading water utilities in Brazil, the event was promoted in conjunction with Isle Utilities, the technology and innovation consultancy who specialize in the development and commercialisation of emerging technologies through their Technology Approval Group (TAG), which focuses on researching and assessing relevant innovation, and promoting a guided contact with the group's water utility members. Baseform had been shortlisted earlier on for presentation by the attending utilities themselves, in the format used by Isle Utilities in the specialist TAG day events.

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