30 Nov 2018

Grundfos and Baseform Bring Together a Global Leader in Water Technology and the Most Advanced Software-as-a-Service

Enabling powerful digital applications and customer outcomes to accelerate smart cities through intelligent, data-driven water management.

Grundfos and Baseform today announced a collaboration that brings together one of the world's largest technology solutions providers and the most advanced software-as-a-service platform, enabling a more intelligent and data-driven water management in cities and communities around the world.

Grundfos and Baseform working together means that all data being generated by (literally) the main driving force behind water distribution will inform, and be informed by, the most comprehensive analytical software available to utilities, thus creating an ecosystem of unprecedented power and ability.

"Customers will get a comprehensive and advanced solution, which is designed to be used across the utility. It can help them realize major savings in both water and energy otherwise lost in distribution and can have a significant impact on their business and - as a bonus - also on the environmental footprint," said Marianne Kjeldgaard Knudsen, Group Vice President, Global Market Segment Water Utility, at Grundfos.

"Through this partnership, we mutually add valuable information and analytics to the customers' data, to offer solutions that allow them to understand and act upon their performance and sustainability, in both real time and the long term. Together we expect to strikingly improve the way water is managed." said Sergio Coelho, CEO and co-founder, Baseform.

The initial focus areas include:

  • Exposing a growing market to Baseform's advanced water analytics, infrastructure asset management, water & energy loss management and wastewater infiltration & inflow reduction software offering
  • Exploring continuous hardware and software service solutions for the best customer outcomes

This new collaboration starts today with a combined offering of Baseform software and Grundfos water solutions and market strength, allowing water utilities to save time, money and water.