06 Dec 2018

Failure Analysis Delivering Exceptional Predictive Results

Our Failure Analysis module, just one component in our software portfolio, has been achieving outstanding value for our customers—including one of the 10 largest US cities.

Our machine-learning-based ability to prioritize the pipes most likely to fail in a given time span recently resulted in Baseform winning a blind test of pipe break predictive capability in the scope of a major US city's procurement procedure (by predicting past failures that had been purposefully hidden from the data provided).


In addition to our ability to determine remaining useful life and deterioration curves, we add a much wider range of modules to span the risk, service, and economics angles needed for the most complete prioritization of assets and CIP projects available on the market, aiming at proactive asset management with measurable ROI.


This enables hard advantages at both the operational level—with faster detection of leaking pipes by field crews; more efficient reaction to bursts; reduced operational costs—but also at the tactical and strategic levels, with much improved AM prioritization, more precise CIP costing, expenditure conversion from reactive to proactive, and improved overall OPEX/CAPEX planning and risk management.