10 Dec 2019

Aisha Mamade is a new PhD in Baseform's ranks

The most recent addition to our team, Aisha successfully defended her dissertation today to become Baseform's most recent PhD.

Barely one month after having joined Baseform, Aisha completed her Doctor of Philosophy pursuit with a decisive and very assertive discussion of her PhD dissertation, titled "Enhancement of Water and Energy Efficiency in Water Supply Systems".

Based on hands-on R&D with a large number of water utilities, her work proposes a new, streamlined framework to assess and improve energy usage efficiency in water supply systems, with immediate applicability to both utility management contexts and to benchmarking and performance assessment.

Aisha has a BSc and MSc in Civil Engineering Hydraulics and Water Resources, and has over the course of the past few years developed deep domain knowledge in water systems, particularly in areas such as hydraulic modeling, energy analysis, demand analysis and profiling, water losses and energy losses. We congratulate Aisha on this brilliant success and wish her a brilliant future as a Baseform team member.