04 Dec 2019

AEAS launches new asset management guide in Spain

Baseform is honored to have contributed to the new technical guide book of the Spanish Water Utilities Association (AEAS).

The “Guía Técnica de Gestión de Activos en Redes de Abastecimiento” (Technical Guide for Asset Management in Water Suply Networks) was launched today by AEAS during an event in Valencia (Spain) dedicated to Investment Needs in Water Infrastructure.

The guide is the result of work by some of the topmost experts and hands-on utility practitioners in Spain in the field of strategic asset management of water systems. Ramon Dolz and Sergio T. Coelho of Baseform are co-authors, and the preparation of the book was an extremely rich process in advancing knowledge and learning from a wealth of direct experiences.

The guide is particularly focused on providing a framework for the development of strategic, tactical and operational asset management plans. The guide is available online here.