Software for networked water infrastructures. Designed for cities with a future.
Water & Wastewater Managers, Directors and Operators
solve your 3 largest problems
  • Suboptimal spending on aging assets
  • Fast detection of breaks and leaks,
    and water losses reduction
  • Excess wastewater treatment due to I&I
About cities
Metropolitan areas concentrate 80% of the US population today. Infrastructures are there to provide a service to people. Managing cities is all about understanding citizens and their behaviors.
Growing Sensorization
Knowing is a lot better than believing. As sensors multiply, we can combine data sources like never before, to reach a much better understanding of human behaviors and levels of activity around the city, throughout the day and the year.
Ailing Infrastructure
The useful life of water infrastructure assets ranges from over 100 years to just a few decades. Cities need to re-invest accordingly. Not doing so is like not paying a bank loan – it builds up. In the US alone, the deferred investment gap surpasses $60bn. Most major cities, with infrastructures built over 50 years ago, experience issues such as water shortage, leakage, tariff increases, compromised water quality.
The massive investments that are inevitably needed require long-term vision and systematic, defendable and transparent planning processes.  
Baseform offers an internationally tested, award-winning software solution that helps cities and communities address this challenge.
25 Jul 2018
Ana is a recent postgraduate of the University of Lisbon. Her thesis delved into advanced modeling techniques for understanding certain components of urban water demands. +
06 Jul 2018
Baseform was one of five technology firms selected to present to an audience of leading European water utilities and consultants at the Technology Approval Group (TAG) Europe Meeting in London last month. +
05 Jul 2018
Utilities worldwide can expect exponential growth if they follow these high-tech strategies over the next decade. +