Diagnose: network analytics
Baseform's SaaS makes available a growing family of apps through each customer deployment. Apps bring together sets of tools that leverage their combined functionality around a specific decisional or engineering process. The platform ensures a consistent user experience and a natural integration of data & results.

Diagnose: network analytics

Diagnose: spatial and system behavior analytics
Understand the system: develop more accurate network models; check operational optimization;question and improve system design; explore evolutional alternatives
Network modelling
Efficient, Java-implemented Epanet simulation engine for full-range hydraulic and water quality simulation, with 3D visualization and Google Earth integration.
  • Full-range hydraulic simulation available in an internet browser, using Epanet .inp files
  • Native inclusion of the MSX advanced water quality simulation library
  • Powerful result visualization helps bridge gap to non-expert users
  • Full Excel® export/import of model data and results
  • Integrates results from all other network-related apps [eg., failure analysis, geo analysis)
Network modelling
Technical Performance
Simulation-based, technical performance assessment of system capacity, water quality, energy use and any other system behavior.
  • Calculates performance indices – detailed technical performance metrics based on the values of certain features or state variables of urban water networks.
  • Indices include hydraulics [e.g., service pressure, contingency pressure, pressure variation, velocity), water quality [travel time, concentration)
  • Performance indices selected from editable libraries updated with latest R&D
Technical Performance
Energy analysis
Automatically calculates the minimum energy needed to supply distributed demand in a water network using web-available detail geodata.
  • Calculates the minimum energy needed to supply a given demand volume uniformly distributed across a specified geographical area.
  • On-map direct freehand drawing of target area.
  • Automatically retrieves detail elevations for the target area from web-available geodata.
  • Shape files may be imported as guidance backdrops.
Energy analysis
Energy Balance
Library-based energy balance framework for automated diagnosis and prioritization of system sectors from an energy assessment viewpoint.
  • Systematic calculation of energy balance for system and zones.
  • Automated, consistent estimates for delivered, dissipated, recovered and lost energy, as well as energy efficiency kPI.
  • Fully configurable libraries for any combination of audit items.
Energy Balance
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