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"This year alone,
$1.2 Bn will be saved
in CAPEX through the use
of advanced asset
management solutions"
source: Bluefield Research, 2018
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Less than 1%
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15 Apr 2020
Water data is used to understand how sleeping habits change in confinement. Studying 1,000 networks, 3.5M population. +
31 Mar 2020
Supporting water and wastewater infrastructure, technicians and field crews to ensure good and consistently applied water, sanitation, and hygiene and waste management practices in the current scenario is a particularly difficult challenge. Here’s how we can help. +
20 Mar 2020
Baseform is deeply committed to our goal of assisting society in better managing water. Under the current COVID19 crisis, that goal takes on a special and urgent meaning. +
10 Dec 2019
The most recent addition to our team, Aisha successfully defended her dissertation today to become Baseform's most recent PhD. +